Pipe lining or pipe relining is a fantastic state-of-the-art option for repairing damaged pipes without damaging your customers property or home. Residential plumbing technology is on the rise and with the use of new CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) processes, you can avoid unnecessary repairs to your customers home or property. That means no more digging up flooring, tearing down walls or excavating driveways and sidewalks!

With Cured-in-Place-Pipe Inversion Relining it is possible to repair pipes without tearing up a yard. With this method of pipe repair, the pipes themselves are not completely replaced. Instead, they are filled with a unique epoxy lining. From outside, the lining can be fed into the pipes by an experienced pipe relining specialist trained in Cured-in-Place-Pipe Inversion Relining techniques.

An expert relining tradesperson can easily fix your drainage concerns because they are armed with the latest tools to do the process correctly. Using specialised equipment, the exact region of the problem can be verified and systematically worked on. Before using this method, the pipes must be cleaned first. Modern tools such as high pressure water jetting machines and CCTV sewer cameras can be used to clean the pipes thoroughly. After the pipes have dried, that’s when the sealants are applied. Sealants are applied to make sure that it coats the inner part of the drain pipe evenly. After this, the final process of drain relining will begin using the help of air and water pressure as the new pipe will be seamlessly formed.

Plumbing technology has come a long way in recent years and you need the expertise of an experienced pipe relining specialist like Ready Set Reline if you are a plumber in need of this service. The age of destructive pipe repair is over! Trench-less Pipe Lining saves you the trouble and expense of digging out your floors and tearing out your walls to replace pipes, saving you between 30-40% in total project cost. trench-less technology has created an alternative to sewer drain and rainwater leader pipe replacement commonly referred to as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP). CIPP is where a pipe is created “within the existing pipe” with special epoxy resins creating the structural strength of new pipes without damage to structures, floors, interior walls, sidewalks, streets or landscaping. The process has been in use now for over 25 years.



pipe relining solution

If you are a plumber in need of extra assistance and you are tired of the old method of clearing blocked drains and sewer lines and repairing cracks, then stop wasting your time and that of your customers. Stop putting your hard earned clients’ money down the drain. Don’t risk it, go for a permanent, easy and affordable fix with Ready Set Reline and have peace of mind for yourself and your customers.

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